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"klotok" crossed the river

"klotok" crossed the river
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Banjarmasin floating market

Banjarmasin is the city known as the city of a thousand rivers. In Banjarmasin, there is a traditional market that is better known as Muara Kuin Floating Market, this market is located in the Barito river waters at the mouth of the river Muara Kuin, Banjarmasin, South Kalimantan, Indonesia.

Muara Kuin Floating Market is a traditional market which is above the river. All merchants and buyers use jukung. Jukung is the name of tradisional boat in Banjarmasin.

Floating market has no such organization in the market on the mainland, so it does not record how many traders and merchants based on visitors or distribution of merchandise.

The unique of the market is still common barter transactions (commodity exchange in lieu of money) between the traders. This transaction in a Banjarmasin language known by the name “Bapanduk”.

This Market is also have a special locations. There are specific locations where the traders selling coconuts, especially for fruits and vegetables, a special location to sell fish, shrimp and other seafoods. There is also a special location for the traders selling food in the morning for breakfast.

If you want to visit this place and go from Syamsudin Noor Airport, Banjarbaru or from the Banjarmasin City, your journey is approximately 1 hour. Arriving at the dock of Muara Kuin, you can rent a boat. Muara Kuin Floating Market activity has been going on since early morning, around 04.30 a.m until 08.00 a.m or more. 


A klotok is a traditional river boat used to navigate the waters of Indonesia. Fitted with inboard oroutboard motors, klotoks are primarily used for cabotage up rivers, transporting people and goods. Klotoks are found in floating marketplaces, national parks, and fishing areas. Depending on their function or how they are equipped, they may be called by various names. [wikipedia]

A small ferry boat

Means the option to cross the Barito River, Marabahan, South Borneo for motorcyclists and people is a small ferry boat. People Marabahan partly depends on the mode of transportation is to shorten their time traveling to Banjarmasin city, the provincial capital of South Borneo, which is located on the opposite side of the river. This is the atmosphere of early morning activity in the path of Barito river crossings.